The PowerPlane Total Fitness Platform review by Jody Kennet

Good Morning Alex,

Thanks for bringing in your Power Plane and letting me test it out. You have made a fabulous invention that is super cool. I can't wait till it takes off for you. Congratulations!

Here is my testimonial:

The Power Plane is the most diverse, functional piece of exercise equipment I have used. It is fantastic for trainers going in to client's homes as it just like having your own universal gym, but better due to its tri plane capability, core and balance integration, and fun factor. Its versatility enables beginners to athletes the opportunity to be challenged no matter what their ability. The power plane functions as that multi purpose exercise tool, which can be your bench, your wobble board, and the base that anchors your bands so you can do a variety of strength exercises. As a personal trainer, if I had to choose one piece of equipment for use outside a gym setting, I would choose the Power Plane over a Bosu or balance board because it is way more versatile for all strength and core ability levels. Thanks for the great invention that not only makes us happy as trainers fulfilling our goals for our clients, but is also loads of fun for them!

Jody Kennett
BCRPA Personal Trainer

Personal Training: 1 to 4 people $80 Per session - 1:15hr