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“The PowerPlane Fitness product is a light, portable all-purpose training platform that combines the most vital aspects of functional training into one simple, versatile and practical design. The revolutionary PowerPlane Fitness is an All in One piece of equipment that can be used as, but not limited to, a Balance Board, Aerobic Stepping Platform, Ab Trainer, Workout Bench, Core Conditioning Gym, Butt & Thigh Master, Yoga & Pilates Studio or in short, it is a Universal Gym.”


Absolutely the best buy I have made in a long time! I have only been using it for 2 weeks and already I look and feel better!!!! It forces you to do your best. It's absolutely brilliant!!!!!!!!
Pros: it's easy! Its portable! It's helped me get a well-rounded workout at my house! It always gives you a great variety of muscles to I have work on.

As an active person it is great to finally have an tool that can give me the kind of workout I need, especially living in a condo high-rise where there is so limited space. I take my Powerplane board to our small private gym and with some free weights I get a total all body workout.
Pros: All body workout, that allows me to train for sports not just to be big.
Cons: Still not enough classes at more flexible times so I can learn the different things that I can do on the Powerplane.

Simply Effective!!!!
No fancy equipment to figure out and waste your time and energy on. You simply get engaged in your work out and get to feel every muscle working. Great for balance, core strengthening, cardio and resistance training. I have just started using it and I can already feel and see the results.
Pros: The equipment is affordable, practical and EFFECTIVE!
Cons: Only pros for something like this!!

Love it!!
Such a wicked work out.
Pros: Great work out! I've been to many different boot camp classes, but this one far surpassed any of the others. It's hard to find a class that combines agility, balance, strength and cardio and gives you a killer work out at the same time. One stop shopping baby!!
Cons: none, other than I'm bagged when I get home:)

Power Plane is so versatile!! It is a great piece of workout equipment, 5 stars!
The Power Plane is a wonderful tool that I use not only to workout with but I also incorporate it into many of the classes that I teach. I have used it in my Bootcamp classes as well as my Osteofit classes where my more frail participants can start off with the "training wheel" blocks in place.
Pros: It is easy to transport for personal training and it is so versatile with the holes for tubing and removeable blocks which can also be used to help with yoga inspired stretching and balance moves. It is so many tools in one!!
Cons: None, I love it!!

PowerPlane is the best multi-purpose exercise equipment I have ever seen...and used!
The Power Plane doesn't focus on any 1 or 2 areas as just part of your overall exercise plan. This universal piece is one multi-purpose gym that everybody who is keen on getting and staying in shape, must have. I personally live the benefits right now. I love it.
Pros: The price is very affordable, making it easy for almost anybody. No costly gym memberships or buying $2,000 worth of home equipment necessary.

FANTASTIC PRODUCT!!! The Power Plane is an excellent product to have a fantastic workout! With The Power Plane I can workout every muscle of my body. It is an amazing work out for the body and also great for the mind with it's challenging exercises!!.... I highly recommend the Power Plane!!!!
Pros: Very affordable and easy on space! GREAT!!!
Cons: I cannot think of any

Great product, great results!
The Powerplane completely fixed my knee issues. I've struggled with various knee problems for the last 9 years, and all doctors were giving me different exercises to do. Some helped a little for a while, but nothing helped like the Powerplane. Pain is gone, strength and balance is back, and I can't thank the Powerplane team enough!
Pros: Great for cardio, balance, joints.
Cons: Can't get them in stores.

Fantastic Equipment
I've been using the Power Plane Fitness Board for about six months and it has been life changing. Starting over-weight, low energy, zero core strength and absolutely no muscle definition to trimmed down, high energy, increasing core strength all the time and all over strength, and of course beautiful arms, legs and abs that I enjoy showing again.
Pros: Easy set-up, light, portable, eco-friendly. When using the product its easy, and low impact with maximum results. Over all an amazing piece of equipment.
Cons: None

Great Product!
I work in a Physiotherapy clinic where Powerplane has been useful tool in the rehabilitation of my patients. It can be used both in training and in rehabilitation setting.
Pros: It can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from core stability to balance and upper body strength. Is very useful for boarders of all kinds but also for home use.
Cons: None.

Great Product
I work out often in a regular gym and I supplement that with a PowerPlane workout because it provides me with a workout that is very different than my usual routine. I also feel it's very helpful for strengthening my weak knee. Fantastic product and two incredibly passionate and ambitious people backing it.
Pros: great overall workout, adaptable to varying skill levels, adaptable to both common male / female workouts, affordable, comfortable, stylish, compact, the list goes on.
Cons: none

Great for high performance athletes of Tennis Academy.
Been using the PowerPlane for year and a half now and find tremendous benefit building strength to legs and core muscle. Would recommend it to any athlete in the world of sport.
Pros: Very easy to set up and is portable to anywhere. No big space require to store
Cons: None

Powerplane fitness is amazing!
I have been using this invention in my fitness classes and have found that it is a total body workout... I'm totally impressed.
Pros: Design of the board. The board maximizes core muscle use as well as total body.
Cons: Hard to find them in stores.

Powerplane is awesome. I had started Bootcamp witch was taught by Sandra in September last year. My results were really good, but I had to stop cause I had to leave Canada. I wish there would be something like Powerplane as well in Germany. You can train all your muscles. That's amazing!!! I loved it!!! Thank you Sandra...
Pros: even cardio was trained
Cons: I have no idea...

I fell in love with PowerPlane!
Since I got introduced to the PowerPlane over year and a half ago, I have not gone back to the regular gym work out! Sometimes I do go to the gym, but PowerPlane always comes with me! I have dedicated my energy learning all exercises and creating fitness routines. I lead group workouts/boot camps and my clients love the results they get form working out on PowerPlane! It was been a great journey! I am looking forward to everyone hearing about the amazing British Columbia invention PowerPlane Fitness and contributing to the healthier world!
Pros: 1. PowerPlane is long enough to do a proper squat, unlike any other balance board.2. A 6'7'' man can do a full lunge on the PowerPlane without bending the knee beyond 90 degrees. 3. No other board is wide enough to do a full Press Up Push Up on.4. PowerPlane works all Core muscles in over 20 different ways! 5. Mix of muscle confusion and prioritization principles.6. Working multiple muscles at the same time, including core! 7. PowerPlane alows progresive balance workouts, starting absolute beginners to extreme athletes (steady platform, limited balance platform, full range balance platform, extreme 360 degree balance platform). 8. Suitable for all ages: kids, youth, adults, and seniors.9. Allows to gain strength by attaching Slastix elastics.10. All you need is 4 square feet of space! 11. Individuals able to work out on their on in their home; trainers are able to create one on one training and group workouts.12. Versatile, light weight, portable, affordable, over 160 exercises, functional, fun etc.
Cons: Addictive!

Having spent 3 months using the Powerplane, at Boot Camp in Vancouver, with Sandra. This amazing piece of equipment was at first a little tricky, just because of my balance, but literary after 3 lessons, I was loving it very much. Managed to get the hang of it and thoroughly enjoyed not only the workout, but the fun that was gained from being apart of something new and exciting. The Poweplane is a tremendous workout, for both the upper and lower body, and with more lessons, I will be considering the purchase of the Powerplane, for my own use at home...
Pros: All over Body workout, Light weight, lots of mobility to manoeuvre around with ease, Holes on the Powerplane to enable use of ropes and other piece's of equipment, Plenty of exercise moves to perform upon the board.
Cons: To be honest, the Powerplane is an all round great piece of equipment that can be used anytime day or night, with very little effort, and would totally recommend it for all to get involved....

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1. Special guest interview with Alexander Suaste, the Cory Holly Institute.


1. “The power of invention” - Burnaby Now, April 11, 2009

The power of invention

Burnaby group may be the only remaining inventors' society in the country

Jennifer Moreau, Burnaby Now
Published: Saturday, April 11, 2009

What do the telephone, poutine, insulin and the retractable beer carton handle all have in common? They're all Canadian inventions. So too are the BlackBerry, the electric oven, five-pin bowling, the light bulb, standard time, the telephone, the Wonderbra and the zipper.

From instant replay to instant mashed potatoes, Canadian inventions have made their mark on history and their way into daily life. And local residents with bright ideas may be surprised to know that one of the only - if not the only - inventors' societies in the country convenes each month, right here in Burnaby.

"We are the only surviving inventors' society in Canada, as far as I know," says Maya Sinclaire, president of the B.C. Inventors Society.

The society draws about 30 to 60 people from all over the Lower Mainland to its monthly meetings. They exchange information and advice, listen to guest speakers and network. The purpose is to help inventors get from having an idea to a finished product. Sometimes they'll hold a show-and-tell session, where members present prototypes or products they've made.

But if you've got a brilliant idea sketched on a napkin, don't expect a quick fix.

"We have a lot of new people who come and expect to find all the answers in one meeting, which, of course, is impossible," Sinclaire says. "It takes a while to learn all the ins and outs."

Information gleaned from the group can save budding inventors lots of money, Sinclaire says.

Society members can also give referrals for trustworthy help. There are tons of people who offer assistance, but some are "like sharks," she warns, stealing ideas and copying inventions once they've proved profitable.

The inventing process can be expensive: research, patent applications, prototypes and lawyers can run from $20,000 up to $100,000, depending on the complexity of the idea. A simple invention and a friendly lawyer could cost as little as $15,000, Sinclaire says.

Patents are simply pieces of paper with limitations, she adds. If someone steals her idea, the ensuing legal battle could also get costly.

But inventors do it for love, not money.

"It's a passion. I don't know how many people really dream about making it rich," Sinclaire says. "You get the idea, and you can't stop thinking about it."

So, for those plagued with visions of contraptions, the society can help.

Take Alexander Suaste, for example. The Burnaby resident came up with an exercise device called the PowerPlane. It's like a mini seesaw with appendages that allow the user to assume just about any workout position. Suaste sells the PowerPlane for about $200 online and through Fitness Town, an exercise equipment retailer.

Suaste came up with the idea four years ago, and it took two years to get to a finished product. He joined the inventors' society six months ago.

"It's almost like a classroom, but at the same time it's like a networking place," Suaste says. "There are a lot of people out there that have great ideas, but they don't know how to go about it. ... It's good for other inventors to be encouraged."

Suaste's PowerPlane has yet to yield a return on his investment, but that's not discouraging him. He's working on an infomercial, and any money made gets reinvested in his business.

Sinclaire herself has a couple inventions under her belt. She came up with the AQUAblanket, a floating, foam blanket that keeps bath water warm.

But with doom and gloom headlines on the global economic crisis, is now the best time to be inventing? Sinclaire is not sure, but she does think Canada has an advantage.

"We cannot compete as a country," she says, adding countries like China can always compete with cheaper labour. "But we can compete with ideas."

Canada has a mix of different cultures and skills, she adds.

"That is a wonderful combo where we can come up with new ideas, and that could distinguish us from the world."

The next B.C. Inventors Society meeting is Wednesday, April 29, 7 p.m. at Confederation Centre, 4585 Albert St. Anyone interested is welcome to attend.

Drop-in admission is $10, yearly membership is $45. See www.vancouver for more information.

- - -


- Sketch out and record your idea in a bound (not loose-leaf) notebook and date all entries. The information could be used to support a patent application.

- Make sure your idea is new. Search for similar products or patents online.

- Use materials such as wood or cardboard to make a prototype.

- Before blowing tons of money on a patent, make sure your invention will bring you a decent return, especially since the application process and lawyers can be costly.

- Treat your invention as a business, not an expensive hobby. Make a plan to recover your investment.

Alexander Suaste with his PowerPlane

Alexander Suaste with his PowerPlane, an invention he's currently selling online and through Fitness Town, an exercise equipment retailer. Suaste belongs to the B.C. Inventors Society, which meets regularly in Burnaby. The group, which is one of the only remaining inventors' societies in Canada, helps people turn their bright ideas into marketable inventions.
Photograph by : Jason Lang/BURNABY NOW

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