Regarding my thoughts on the Power Plane, Dr. Tom Owen

Tom Owen

To whom it may concern ; I have been doing T. V. stunt work for nearly 30 yrs. As a result I've literally been run over several thousand times.By invitation of The Guinness Book of World Records, next week I'll set my 9th world record. This time by being run over by 9 trucks in a row in Milan Italy for they're T. V. show. I've competed in power lifting for 30 yrs. I'm the currant Masters Mr USA.
I don't mean to belabor the point ,but needless to say I've had more than my share of life threatening injury's.
All this has taken it's toll on my equilibrium balance and ability to perform.

Working on the Power Plane, here in my gym has been the most important thing that I have done to regain the balance and dexterity I need in order to continue performing. I have also found it very useful in working with young athletes as part of their strength and agility training. When I'm not performing my self I'm a strength trainer .In today's world you can no longer get by just being a 6" 6" 300 lb. strong lineman. You have to be quick with balance and agility as well as powerful in just about every sport there is.
In my opinion the Power Plane should be part of every ones training program. This includes all ages from children to seniors, everyone needs more balance! Give it a few minutes a day and you'll see and feel exactly what I mean !...Sincerely, Dr. Tom Owen

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